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Men’s Health:

Dr. Srbislav N. Brasovan, uses a holistic approach to men’s health that includes a comprehensive exam, blood analysis, and/or saliva testing for hormonal health to form a health plan unique to you.

Aging is a disease, getting older is a natural process. Dr. Brasovan understands the importance that hormones play in the debilitating effects of aging. Aging leads to many concerns, such as; lower levels of testosterone, loss of bone density and lack of energy. With the use of bioidentical hormones and a continuing assessment of your lifestyle, diet and age, his goal is to create a balance necessary for overall wellness.

Brasovon Medicine Practices:

Hormone Imbalance

Testosterone is the most important sex hormone in men. Low testosterone can be due to aging, but should not be ignored. Problems, such as depression or anxiety, stress, work, prescription and nonprescription drugs can affect levels of testosterone. Other conditions, such as, thinning hair or hair loss can also be due to lowered levels of testosterone. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, please mention this to your doctor. Hormone replacement therapy can help you lead a more active lifestyle.


  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced or lost interest in sex
  • Problems with ejaculation
  • Failure of the testicles to make the normal amount of male sex hormones
Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when a man has trouble getting or keeping an erection.

ED becomes more common as you get older. But male sexual dysfunction is not a natural part of aging. ED can be a sign of health problems. Discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

Male Menopause

The term "male menopause" is sometimes used to describe decreasing testosterone levels or a reduction in the bioavailability of testosterone related to aging. In men, hormone production and testosterone bioavailability decline more gradually. The effects — such as changes in sexual function, energy level or mood — tend to be subtle and might go unnoticed for years. Many doctors use the term "andropause" to describe aging-related hormone changes in men. Other terms for so-called male menopause include testosterone deficiency, androgen deficiency of the aging male and late-onset hypogonadism.

Testosterone levels vary greatly among men. In general, however, older men tend to have lower testosterone levels than do younger men. Testosterone levels gradually decline throughout adulthood — about 1 percent a year after age 30 on average. By about age 70, the decrease in a man's testosterone level can be as much as 50 percent. Hormones can be used to restore the natural loss of testosterone and thus restore vitality in men. Ask your doctor about bioidentical Hormones.

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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy has proven very effective in the treatment of menopausal symptoms. A simple blood test can determine if you suffer from low levels of hormones.

Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine

Aging is a natural process. Our bodies begin to age at birth, and continue throughout our lives. There are several factors that can have an affect on aging, such as, decline in male hormones, environment, stress and obesity. Men may not seem to notice subtle changes over the years that can become more apparent with middle age. There are things you can do to reduce aging. Regenerative Medicine, is that body of science that can help restore youth and vitality. Click Here to learn more about our Anti-Aging services.

Weight Management

Do you struggle with your weight? You are not alone. Ask about our Weight Management services to receive individualized consultation on your body composition and how to live a healthier life. Learn More...


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